I am a Web Developer based on Orcas Island, WA and currently working in Washington, DC. I have been building web sites for 12 years and have been working full-time as a web developer for the past 8 years now.

Most of my work has focused on styling and developing the client-side interaction of Java-based web applications and PHP-based content management systems sites using Javascript and CSS. I have worked with a number of Javascript libraries including jQuery, MooTools, YUI, and Dojo and also have a great deal of experience hand-coding Javascript as well as writing my own jQuery plugins. I know my way around a Java application and can write some Java though it is not my strongest skill. I also know enough PHP to make sites from scratch with it.

Much of my work has also involved designing and developing the user interaction of the sites that I work on, as well as architecting the client-side of the web applications I work on.

I have a bachelor's degree in graphic design but as you can tell from this site I am not much of a designer. Hopefully my code is a bit more elegant than my designs. Take a look at my résumé to see details of my work history and examples of the sites and applications I have worked on.