Justin Anderson-Pomeroy
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Technical Details

What I write:

What I write on:
Mac, Linux, Windows

What I write with:
jQuery, Dojo, YUI, MooTools, Drupal, Wordpress

Things I use:
Netbeans, Photoshop, Apache, Glassfish, JBoss, Struts, Weblogic

BFA in Graphic Design, May 2004- Pacific Northwest College of Art Portland, OR

Certified Scrum Master, October 2008 - Scrum Alliance

References available upon request


AARP | UI Developer | February 2011 - Present | Washington, DC
  • Implementing new products and features to social/user generated sections of website
  • Remade profile and user data management application into completely AJAX-based application
  • Implemented new theme to Pluck-based (third party vendor) user Persona section of site
  • Develop for Day Communique CMS and editorial-based content site
  • Implementing aspects of site into mobile platforms

The Washington Post | Senior Web Developer | December 2006- February 2011 | Washington, DC
  • Added additional product offerings to existing web application for commercial clients to place classified ads in print and online
  • Implemented (XML-based) enterprise content management system and site redesign
  • Utilizing extensive JSTL tag libraries, created JSPs to display content site wide
  • Created custom RSS feeds using XSLT
  • Help create end-user and multiple administrator interfaces to's discussion site
  • Utilized AJAX and Comet (long-polling) to ensure all user's views remained synchronized
  • Built interfaces on extensive internal Washington Post (jQuery-based) javascript and CSS frameworks, extending and implementing third-party and custom plug-ins as needed,
  • Architected application for creating, managing, and collecting user input of Washington Post marketing contests
  • Implemented Drupal as content management system to allow for client-configured contests
  • Developed custom Drupal modules to comply with business and legal requirements
  • Engineered payment flow connecting with additional Washington Post payment application
  • Created Wordpress site themed with Washington Post Media branding
  • Expanded Wordpress's limited data collection to associate related content with posts
  • Implemented third-party application tracking system
  • Developed category-based nested navigation to allow for client to extend site content
  • Recreated existing Blogger theme and ported existing Blogger content into Wordpress CMS to standardize blog platform with existing standards used by The Washington Post. (no longer live)
  • Created paid wine-enthusiast site for users to review and rate wine, spirits, and cocktails
  • Integrated managed content via Wordpress
  • Stored and displayed user-generated content via AJAX interface communicating with Java servlet via JSON data
  • Developed hand-coded form validation module to eliminate collection and storage of invalid data and cut down on unnecessary network communication
  • Developed all JSPs for large-scale portal (BEA Weblogic) application for newspaper subscribers
  • Hand-coded all javascript form validation and front-end interactions
  • Extended Dojo javascript modules to allow for custom data collection
  • Utilized custom JSTL tag library for display of content management system data
Other duties and accomplishments
  • Act as mentor for back-end developers and more junior developers to learn front end best practices, skills and technologies, and Washington Post specific standards
  • Developed and administer browser testing lab to allow 30+ developers and QA testers to test sites across all major browsers
  • Research new technologies and implement best solutions for specific requirements
  • Estimate timelines for upcoming projects

Gloto Inc. | Web Developer | February 2006- October 2006 | Fulton, MD

  • Created all graphic content of two start-up website concepts, and
  • Fully responsible for corporate site design and production
  • Utilized YUI to develop AJAX-driven, drag-and-drop web interface ( for Java software created for dual use on cell phones and PCs
  • Designed and produced all Flash animations and site help content
  • With existing codebase, created second website to organize and display user-generated content (

redenvelope | Web Production Specialist | November 2004- February 2006 | San Francisco, CA

  • Created online marketing collateral including static and Flash banners and e-mails
  • Maintained homepage and customer service section of website
  • Color corrected, retouched, and cataloged all website photography
  • Managing contractors performing similar duties

Michael Curry Design, Inc. | Graphic Designer | March 2003- May 2004 | Scappoose, OR

  • Scanned, manipulated and corrected photos and original artwork
  • Archived documentation images and created presentation portfolios
  • Creating Quicktime movies of in-progress work and documented completed projects

R. Clay Stiles, Inc. | Web Designer/Developer | October 2000- December 2001 | Minneapolis, MN

  • Designed and produced several local and national companies web sites
  • Worked as contractor under freelance web developer


Felix the Kid
  • Custom PHP/MySQL CMS site built from scratch
  • Utilizing new CSS3/HTML5 technologies
  • "Responsive design" site- one code base allows for desktop and mobile access

Falkenhan's Hardware
  • Designed and implemented brochure site for local hardware store
  • Installed and configured Wordpress and MySQL database
  • Utilized Gmaps API for maps/directions page
  • Created custom theme for site

Chef Roland Mesnier
  • Implemented design for portfolio site of former White House pastry chef
  • Installed and configured Drupal and MySQL database
  • Programmed entire site using third-party modules as well as developing custom theme and Views for different data displays

Copia Coaching and Consulting
  • Implemented design for brochure site of life-coaching consulting firm
  • Installed and configured Drupal and MySQL database
  • Programmed entire site using third-party modules as well as developing custom theme and Views for different data displays